Courage Sensibilities (2011 - 12):
 oil and water color on canvas 12"x16"

The collection of 10 paintings speaks of the journey of our refugees and immigrants. The first three paintings (diversity, courage and language) were first exhibited as part of the Refugee Rights Day Art Show at Toronto City Hall Rotunda in 2011 (photes below). The rest of the collection was completed in April 2012.
The full collection is exhibited for a month in April at 
Woodside Public Library.
You can also view the full collection on line in the album on facebook.

Artist Statement – Courage Sensibilities
  “Courage//Sensibilities” speaks of the journeys and stories of our refugees and immigrants.

 Faces – the different faces and identities make us one and strong; the beautiful people of a diverse Canada and our world, the Earth.

Diversity – diversity is our strength. We are stronger because of our diverse people, cultures uniting under one nation and the values of the Charter of Human Rights.

Bridge – as refugees, immigrants and citizens of the world and particularly Canada, we are constantly challenged by the imbalances in the scale of economics, justice and civic society.

Courage – it takes a lot of courage to resettle in a new home and begin a new life. Courage, it is to get over the sadness of not being with your loved ones; courage to begin a new chapter in life.
Language – immigrants come from all over the world along with their languages and cultures. Some of us have to overcome the challenge of learning a new language, or languages.

Fences – fences keep us in and keep us out. The line between security and marginalization is thin for many of us adapting to a new country.

Pain – the pain faced by refugees and immigrants is like a piercing arrow; the most important thing to take care of before anything else is removing the arrow rather than debating about how it got there in the first place.

Hope – our dreams, our struggles lay around a steep and meandering path, yet we carry on with that lightest burden of all: hope.
Belonging –  where do we belong? Our sense of identity and belonging in a new home is akin to the barren branches of winter, that of the trees with strong roots. The same forlorn and sad branches bear flowers, fruits and then seeds for our sustenance.

Choice – it takes education, empathy, sacrifice and courage to make the difficult choices in our lives. Sometimes we feel fortunate about the abundance of choices; sometimes we feel burdened by them.

 The oil paintings presented here below were selected as part of the Refugee Rights Day Art Show held from April 4 to 8, 2011 at the Toronto City Hall's Rotunda Room to celebrate Refugee Rights Day and the 25th anniversary of the Canadian people receiving the Nansen Refugee Award from the UNHCR. To read more, visit online at  


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