Courage Sensibilities (2011 - 12):
 oil and water color on canvas 12"x16"
The collection speaks of the journey of our refugees and immigrants. To view the full collection visit here.

CHUBA - the Five Elements (2011)
My first collection of artistic clothing based on Tibetan Cultural Art  is designed using the ancient Tibetan dress style known as CHUBA, making them the broad canvas for hand painted bold Tibetan designs and motifs.

It is premiered live through an interactive live presentation with a team of musician and models at Culture Days 2011 on Oct 1st in Parkdale, Toronto.

For details about the interactive live presentation, visit online here

Picture album from the presentation on Saturday is now available for viewing on Facebook.

Below is the full description of the collection.

Enjoy, and thank you for viewing my collection online.

Questions? contact me at

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