Kalsang Dolma Art
  A Tibetan born in India, I grew up appreciating and learning from the rich and diverse cultures of both Tibet and India. With a background  in contemporary art and  traditional Tibetan arts, I have worked in various mediums such as ceramic, oil, water-colour and fashion.  My passion lies in the arts, language, culture and community development. I am currently based in Toronto, Canada.

My work is inspired by the rugged and majestic Tibetan environment; its ancient arts intertwined with the dynamic arts and culture movement. The collection of works I produced in various mediums stem from an eternal search for perfection within the imperfect, the constant interplay of the odd versus the even.

You will see some ruggedness in my work, which is neither deliberate nor contrived but a natural outcome of my perspective. Being aware of the path rather than just the goal is very important to me. As we all experience at some points in our lives' various journeys, the experience of traveling is sometimes more valuable than the destination; life is the journey we live between our birth and death.

I am also intrigued by nature and human conditions. Nature is a combination of symmetry and asymmetry: what makes it so diverse and enticing in its numerous sizes, shapes and forms. Through my work, I try to recreate the sense of spirituality that we experience when connecting with the unpredictable and raw natural elements around us. Our human conditions provide us with rich layers of identity, struggles  and experience which is ultimately mparted to our posterity as "wisdom". It is a hard battle to stay optimistic in the face of numerous sufferings brought on our environment and the beings of our planet - by none other than ourselves; yet staying positive and helping one another has proven to be one of the best way we can work with. I hope to convey some of those emotions and truth through my work.



You can also learn more about my other projects through the organization I co-founded in 2009, DREBU  at


Proud Owners - 2008 Road to Asia Festival, Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, Toronto
Proud Owners of my work in 2009!
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